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Copper & Copper Bullion FAQs

What is investment grade copper?
Is copper considered to be a precious metal?
Why has copper served well as money?
What are the properties of copper that make it so sought after?
Why do copper bullion bars and rounds have high premiums?
What can be used to clean copper bullion & bars?
Where does copper rank in the world's consumption of metals?
What is the most important use of copper?
Does copper have anti-bacterial properties?
How is the copper we use every day made?
What countries are the leading producers of copper?
What and where is the largest copper mine in the world?
How much copper remains in the United States?
What common metal alloys are made with copper?
Is copper recyclable?
Is a U.S. copper penny worth more than a penny?
Why does copper change color?
In the event of a fire, how is copper tubing affected?
What is the melting point of copper?
Why is copper sometimes referred to as "Doctor Copper"?

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